Chag Shavuot Sameach, and welcome to my Israel Live Blog

The sun rises in the east, outside of the balcony of my East Jerusalem hotel (Ryan Ariel Simon)

Hello world, welcome to my newest blog. I decided to start this to document my travels this summer, and provide a place to upload my work and journal from the course “Covering Conflict in Jerusalem” through George Mason University’s Center for World Religion, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution. It is led by various Middle East (mostly Jerusalem) based journalists including NPR contributor Linda Gradstein, al-Quds columnist Aziz Abu Sarah, Reuters contributor Wafa Amr, Christian Science Monitor contributor Ilene Prusher, and others. We will be traveling all over Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territories and writing about competing narratives, breaking news, and news features.

I apologize for the late start, but I was a complete wreck, up until Monday night, when I got to see my good friend Hadas from the Galilee (Northern Israel) go out for Taybeh in Sheikh Jarrah, and finally get a full nights sleep last night as today is Shavuot and everything is closed! (In West Jerusalem).

3 Responses to “Chag Shavuot Sameach, and welcome to my Israel Live Blog”
  1. Judy Simon says:

    My Dear Ryan,
    Your descriptions of the sites you have already visited make me feel like I am traveling beside you and taking in the same sites. Your pictures are fantastic and I will eagerly await your every word.

    My love,

  2. Judy Simon says:

    Anyone who sees your work will appreciate the talent.
    Not just your Grammy!!

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