Jerusalem Pride set for another successful year (from 2011)

This post was a draft rediscovered in a corner of my blog! Originally written in June, 2011.  Despite past controversy, annual march charges ahead By Ryan Ariel Simon JERUSALEM, Israel (June 21) – As this year’s gay pride event approaches the mood is calm, and organizers expect another step forward for Jerusalem’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, … Continue reading

Success vindicates Bil’in protest organizers

BIL’IN, West Bank (June 17) – Despite the tears that filled Basel Mansour’s eyes from teargas and clothes soaked by sewage-smelling water sprayed by Israeli soldiers to disperse peaceful demonstrators in the West Bank village of Bil’in on Friday, the Palestinian peace activist said he emerged a victor.

Former PLO UN envoy: No UN membership in September

RAMALLAH, West Bank (June 17) – Former PLO ambassador Nasser al-Qudwa said Monday, June 13, Palestinians will not achieve membership for the State of Palestine at the United Nations in September, but it will be still be a positive step forward.

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